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Weddings with Copper Coupe & Co.

Wherever you decide to hold your big day, Copper Coupe and Co. can be there! 

Whether you're looking for welcome drinks, our unique cocktail bar or a beautiful self-service station, Copper Coupe & Co. can create a unique tailored menu for you and your guests to enjoy!

We offer an astounding selection of Cocktails, Spirits, Mixers, Infusions and 'Mocktails'  to please any crowd. We also offer options such as bottle service to provide a wide selection of Beer, Wine, Champagne and Soft Drinks for the full bar experience.

Why not host a luxurious cocktail hour? This creates some early evening entertainment- the ideal way to start your evening in style.

Have fun designing your own signature 'HIS'  &  'HER' cocktails , naming drinks after your bridal party or simply serve up some of your all-time favorites.

Our trained Mixologist can create a totally unique cocktail named after the Bride & Groom. 

Not only can this be served at your wedding but we will provide you with the recipe to make at home!

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Select one of our fabulous party packages or mix and match them together to provide the best option to suit your needs! 

Whether you wish to host a high-end cocktail evening or full bar service, Copper Coupe & Co.  can give you what you're striving for!